A freelance multi-talented, multi-oriented designer and business man from Prague. UX/UI, mobile ,facebook, apps, web design, corporate identity, brand boosting.

~  art director
~  brand builder
~  UX / UI designer
~  photographer




My journey began after I celebrated my 18th birthday. I left my hometown and headed for Bratislava, where luck struck me and I landed a job with Wiktor Leo Burnett - the best marketing school I could ask for.

After 18 months of work on big projects for big clients and learning the ropes with the ATL team, I decided to sail into new seas with, at the time a young agency, Zaraguza. With them I have discovered my true calling - designing for the world wide web. My newfound love has set me on the path of a freelancer which got me great gigs from agencies and private clients alike.

After 7 blessed months it was time to step it up. I moved to Prague, where along providing freelance services and working on my personal projects, I created Sušienkovo - baking tasty bio dog treats and the magical furniture & interior company Deconarnia. With these experiences supporting me I am back, ready as ever for more adventures. With my bag of tricks at hand I am eager to get my hands on fresh ideas from anyone, agencies or private clients.



On my journey I managed to pick up some Golden Nails in Slovakia, the US Midas award or the German Telekom award,
but the greatest award of them all was the experience.